About Us

Intelliscan brings you the best and latest technology available for scanning and mobile computing from Honeywell, Opticon, Citizen and Datalogic. We are not just a web site, we are a Sydney based business with over 30 years experience in  Automatiic Identification and Data Capture.

We are here to help you, in any way we can, with the selection of your equipment, setting it up and if you prefer personal service we will come to your business.

We specialise in providing mobile automation solutions for companies who wish to combine the integration of bar-coding/RFID and mobile computing into their business. 

Many businesses want to integrate mobile computing but have no knowledge of how to go about it. We have brought together a variety of software from selected specialist software houses and robust hand held computers.

Intelliscan is able to provide a range of services including:

  • Consulting
  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Site surveys
  • Wireless Networks
  • Implementation/Integration
  • Training
  • Support/Service
  • Consumables
  • Project management

Our objective is to provide quality usable solutions which will give you a rapid return on your investment.


Success in business is achieved from the satisfaction of clients and the ongoing quality of the services provided. The backbone for our success is our people and all of our key personnel are dedicated to that task. Everyone involved in the business has wide experience in their specialised field and constantly continue to broaden their knowledge. 

In house, we have software and hardware engineers and sales staff who have broad technical knowledge. When we are presented with a project we discuss the desired outcome and examine the possibilities of how to reach a solution in the most efficient way. We then present our proposal to you. 


No project is too small: our philosophy is to learn from every opportunity, even though it may only involve a couple of scanners. This may involve specialised scanning requirements where we work with manufacturers to develop special firmware.

No Project is too large: our extensive contacts have a wide variety of expertise enabling us to expand our workforce and capabilities when the need arises. These may entail the supply of software, mobile computers, printers and consumables, overseeing the implementation and carrying out training.